Houston, USA - 06.05.14

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Avril Lavigne with glasses.
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"I’m a fighter, I may be small but I’m tough.”

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Waking up I see that everything is ok, the first time in my life and now it’s so great. Slowing down I look around, and I am so amazed, I think about the little things that make life great. I wouldn’t change a thing about it, this is the best feeling. This innocence is brilliant, I hope that it will stay. This moment is perfect, please don’t go away. I need you now, and I’ll hold on to it don’t you let it pass you by.

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Doesn’t matter what we do, you make everything seem brighter. I never knew I needed you like a sad song needs a sea of lighters.

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make me choose
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asked: He Wasn’t  or Smile?

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And that's why I smile, it's been a while since everyday and everything has felt this right and now you turn it all around and suddenly you're all I need, the reason why I smile.

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I always needed time on my own, I never thought I'd need you
there when I cry and the days feel like years when I'm alone and the bed where you lie is made up on your side, when you walk
away I count the steps that you take, do you see how much I
need you right now?
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