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asked: He Wasn’t  or Smile?

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And that's why I smile, it's been a while since everyday and everything has felt this right and now you turn it all around and suddenly you're all I need, the reason why I smile.

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I always needed time on my own, I never thought I'd need you
there when I cry and the days feel like years when I'm alone and the bed where you lie is made up on your side, when you walk
away I count the steps that you take, do you see how much I
need you right now?
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I couldn’t tell you why she felt that way, she felt it everyday and I couldn’t help her, I just watched her make the same mistakes again.

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We have parties at my house. My girlfriends and I play our iPods, with all of our favorite songs. We pick our songs and jump up on the counter and dance, and do runway stuff, and we take video with my camera. When I’m with my girlfriends, I act like I’m 19.

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Avril Lavigne in 2002 ❤

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"I wanted to keep you forever next to me. You know that I still do, and all I wanted was to believe. Hush, hush, now..."

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"I was born to be a crazy bitch or a superstar".

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Avril Lavigne - AvrilTV
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